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Ain’t afraid of no ghosts…

March 14th, 2008 · 3 Comments

As I posted previously, I am not really “into” ghosts, though I love the lost towns of the pine barrens. SciFi channel’s Ghost Hunters’ most recent episode visited the Historic Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly.

 Burlington Prison

I have to say I was disappointed. Actually I have a love/hate relationship with that show. I watch it when there is nothing else good on television. It’s always good for a few laughs. People recount their other wordly experiences to them, and these former plumbers ” investigate.” 

Many times the experiences the homeowners have is during day light, or tavern visitors see an apparition. So how do these guys “investigate?”  They set up video cameras, carry mp3 recorders, and turn out the lights and stumble around the darkened facility. Sure they use thermal imagers and magnetic field indicators, but basically they stumble around in the dark, trying to pick sounds and images all while they are talking to each other (which defeats the audio recordings) and try to capture video.

Need I remind them that everything we see is a reflection of light, no light, no reflection, no vision.(and it’s easier for the human eye because the brain will fill in the gaps the eye can’t see, which might also explain some of the “apparitions.”) They use night vision, which distorts what it captures. 

 I will use the Prison story as one example of where they fail. Their night vision picked up a moving image, a white glowing orb. It could have been someone’s head as they walked across the frame. They said it was behind an open staircase. Did they show some daylight video of the same location? No. Why not? I submit it’s because they didn’t want to show any real explanation of what it might have been.

In another scene they saw a light thru a window while they were outside. To their credit, they went into the room, then one went back outside and they recreated the effect with the flashlight. It was light from a passing car reflecting off a large white sign in the prison display.  It could just have easily been another member of their “team” walking around.

Viewers did get to watch a few compelling minutes of Grant and Jason sniffing as they thought they smelled cigarette smoke. Riveting television.  It’s all in good fun.

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  • 1 Bob - The Wholesale Guy // Mar 19, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    Bill Writes..

    “I will use the Prison story as one example of where they fail. Their night vision picked up a moving image, a white glowing orb.”

    Let me add some additional points to the “orb”

    A lot of self described paranormal investigators have “floated” still photos (not the fleeting video images TAP’s sometimes capture) in the public realm, with what looks like “glowing orbs”.

    Proof positive they say, of activity from the other side.”

    The casual observer would come away with the impression that these spots of light are proof that there is psychic energy surrounding the area..

    A quick snippet from “Enough with the Orbs Already” By Stephen Wagner, an paranormal guide reveals a much clearer answer…

    “Many ghost hunters believe they are evidence of ghosts – that they are some kind of spirit or psychic energy manifesting as these glowing balls of light.

    “A growing number of researchers, however, are concluding that orbs are nothing more than dust particles illuminated by the camera flash.”

    Full article is here..

    Enough with the Orbs Already
    By Stephen Wagner

    See also..

    The Truth about Orbs?
    by Dave Wood

    One of the funnier events I witnessed on that show was when the “head paranormal plumber in charge” had a spirit reach out and touch him, literally.

    I think he had a handprint, or some type of mark imprinted on his back or shoulder by a ghostly mugger! I found that a little hard to believe (ya think).

    The only part of the show that is somewhat curious is the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).

    There are a number of explanations as to what they could be, and most EVP’s are white noise, or creations of various factors that have nothing to do with anything from the great beyond..

    But, some of the supposed “voice messages” from the other side that are audible, are downright freaky. Creeps me out just a bit..

    However they are created, or if they are produced to add drama to the show, it was probably the only portion of the program that was somewhat interesting.

    The first few times I watched the show, it held my attention, albeit shortly..

    However, like all shows in that category, I started looking at it with a jaundice eye.

    Not to mention it was just plain boring. Can’t even watch it for a laugh..

    I am giving up “the ghost!”

    Thats my rant..

    Bob The Wholesale Guy

  • 2 Jessica // Jun 8, 2008 at 12:54 am

    We just had a horrible experience down in the dirt roads of tabernacle, caranza to be exact. I want to know if anyone knows if something has happened back there in the past, and or present. I need to know answers so if you can please help my friends and i out.

  • 3 admin // Jun 8, 2008 at 12:52 pm


    Don’t know of anything there except for the plane crash which is the reason for the monument, could you describe your experience?

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